What is The Future of Cryptocurrencies?

We have a lot of people asking this exact question, and will attempt to answer it as best as we can...

The future is that blockchain technology is here to stay, the question is where will it stay... The adoption of blockchain and even certain coins by large corporations and financial institutions (think Microsoft and JPMorgan) leads many to fear corporations will squash Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.  The beautiful thing is that they can't! From the ruins of the financial crisis, Satoshi built the brilliant Bitcoin - it is inherently decentralized and as long as the internet runs, it will be available. Now, we are seeing new and improved cryptocurrencies and crypto projects popping up everyday.

Q: Where do we think most of these new crypto currencies end up from a value standpoint 10 years from now?
A:  = null (google it)

The ones that do survive, have a potential to change the way our world works in a beautiful way. We may just see the largest transfer of wealth that a modern financial system has ever witnessed, maybe...

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