Hot Coins 🔥 Monaco, Cindicator and REQ

Week of December 17th, 2017

MCO (Monaco) -  Monaco a project that is building a crypto debit card which will allow you to effectively use your cryptocurrency as fiat money. The team has partnered with VISA as a program manager, and is offering a means to exchange any currency at rates that are 1/8th the fees offered by banks. The MCO token must be held to utilize the Monaco card, and is offered as ‘cash-back’ incentive on a few card offerings, which is a strong utility compared to other projects.  MCO trades at $16 (USD) on Bittrex today and volume has picked up heavily in December for the token. Monaco has big potential, and is looking like a solid hold as the team continues to deliver on roadmap.

Use Monaco app to send money without fees at perfect interbank rates. Your friends will receive it instantly and can access the funds immediately with their Monaco card.” -(

CND (Cindicator) - Cindicator is a decentralized, community-driven infrastructure which provides updates and access to key trading information in real time. The information is provided by taking historical data and reviewing the performance of millions of analysts opinions- using the complex of statistical tools and machine-learning approaches  Often, arbitrage scenarios arise amongst cryptocurrency exchanges in the cryptocurrency and CND allows traders to immediately identify key info such as: ‘Bid on BTC/USD is higher on exchange A than ask on exchange B by 13.9%’   CND tokens allow you to access the app and are trading at just $0.03 (USD) on Binance at the moment. With a strong token utilitiy and a recent mention by the vastly followed Palm Beach Confidential team, momentum should continue here...

REQ (Request for Network) - Request for Network is a decentralized network which allows for anyone to request a payment (invoice) for which the recipient can effectively pay in a secured way. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain ledger and aims to be independent from other currencies, monetary policies, or technological choices, in order to build the most robust system possible. The project created an authentic ledger, allowing for complete transparency which is critical for public factions such as government. This may seem contrary to the narrative of cryptocurrencies being anonymous, but this provides a more realistic integration to the world as it operates today. Since hitting exchanges in October at $0.03 (USD), the token has rocketed 800+% and is trading at $0.28 on Binance today.


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