Hot Coins 🔥 Waltonchain, NEO and Cardano

Week of Dec 3, 2017

WTC (Waltonchain) - Walton has been on a ripper and it appears people have caught on to the value in the project. WTC is building an RFID blockchain that will empower micro chips to better track everything from clothing to drones. The team is strong and they already have backing from large corporations and the Chinese government. After a 100% run up in price this week, there will likely be a pullback, but crazier things have happened in crypto, and its trading at $9.10 on Binance.

NEO (NEO) has been fairly steady these past few weeks, but continue to have one of the strongest developer communities out there. NEO trades at $42 at the moment, but is extremely well established and any network positioned to be the premier blockchain ecosystem in China is definitely worth having in the portfolio.

ADA (Cardano) - Cardano has also seen a large burst in volume and a bit of a moon pump.  The market cap is now in the top 10 and it will be interesting to see what happens this week. The network promises unmatched privacy and is written in Haskell, which is enables code to be written in a more secure matter. The network also intends to issue an ADA debit card. Considering it was created by an Ethereum founder, it's worth considering. It currently trades at $0.10 on Bittrex.



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