Hot Coins 🔥 Modum, ChainLink and Everex

Week of January 7th, 2018

MOD (Modum) - Modum is a project aimed at the improving the pharma supply chain, which offers a passive monitoring solution, ensuring GDP compliance and auditability by using blockchain and IoT technology. Modum’s tested solution offers a significant cost savings over the active-cooling methods currently used, while providing valuable data to drive continuous improvement in supply-chain logistics. We like this project because it addresses a direct use case and is built specifically for it, we think of it as the Samsara of the Pharma industry. Furthermore, the product is built to satisfy recently updated EU regulations, which will make it easier for companies to adapt the necessary processes. MOD currently trades at about $8.20 USD on Binance. With a Circulating supply of ~18mn and a market cap ranking of 164, this coin has a lot of potential to run, and has picked up steam in the past few weeks alone.

LINK (ChainLink) - ChainLink is blockchain middleware that allows smart contracts to access key off-chain resources like data feeds, various web APIs, and traditional bank account payments. By providing smart contracts secure access to these key resources, ChainLink allows them to mimic real world agreements that require external proof of performance and need to make payment in widely available payment methods e.g. bank payments. This project is a powerful integration technology that is working with big names like SWIFT and Gartner,  and has somehow flown under the radar until recently. Rowlinstone, a heralded Cryptocurrency Research Group, named LINK their sleeping Giant for 2018. It trades at just $1.08 on Binance at the moment and is starting to command the attention it deserves.

EVX (Everex) - Everex is a project that has recently gained some deserved attention for their financial services platform that aims to bring banking to the unbanked, and help small/medium businesses thrive with Blockchain. EVX is applying blockchain solutions to cross-border payments, trading and lending; and the team is loaded with folks who have tremendous experience in the industry. Although the token has increased over 100% in the last week, it is still outside of the top 200 market caps, and should continue to increase as they continue to deliver. EVX trades at $5.20 on Binance right now.


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