Hot Altcoin đŸ”¥Monaco

Monaco has been sinking a bit harder than the rest of the altcoin market the past three months, but the team has been continuing to make solid progress towards their goal of getting cryptocurrency in every wallet. The Monaco card is positioned to be the first cryptocurrency card that will allow people to instantaneously exchange crypto for fiat and spend like a debit/credit card. The MCO tokens allow users to gain access to a plethora of benefits and cash-back incentives in the ecosystem.

In January, the team has announced they will include credit and invest products through their app. Recently, the Monaco app went live and already over 80,000 people have reserved Monaco cards. Another interesting thing to note is that the item that is currently up on the roadmap is the release of marketing spend. With Kris Marszalek at CEO alongside the likes of former VISA and Amazon execs as advisors at Monaco, look for a strong go to market for their cards and financial products. Currently, MCO trades at $5.90 on Binance and Bittrex

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