Hot Coins 🔥 WePower

WPR (WePower) - WePower recently finished up their ICO in February, during which they raised $40 million USD. The WPR team has set out to fix the problem of companies using dirty energy sources (think fossil fuel / CO2 heavy gas emissions). They are addressing this problem by empowering a more decentralized process of building green energy projects. The two main use cases are as follows:

  1. Deploy smart contracts that enable participants to invest and finance green energy projects as well as acquire green energy in an efficient, secure and transparent way.
  2. Provide access to live trade renewable energy across the globe, think of this as a green energy ‘secondary market’.

At its core, WePower is a lot like an independent energy supplier that is aiming to take power away from big oil money and put it into the hands of the general public, to help build a greener tomorrow. The team recently met with the European Commission, who was interested in learning more about the vision. WePower also announced a partnership with Elering, who is the main supplier of independent electricity and gas in Estonia.

It’s encouraging to see the founder of the project, Nikolaj Martyniuk, has over 10 years of experience in the green energy sector, and spearheaded the building of the largest power plant in the Baltics as CEO of Modus in 2016. The WPR project is still early days, yet it offers a differentiated approach, an extremely applicable use case, and strong ties to the industry leaders and bureaucratic powers that be(whether you want to admit it or not, this is important).

WPR currently trades at $0.21 USD on Huboi, and just barely missed out on winning Binance community coin of the month vote (Elastos won the listing). With a Market cap ranking of 165, this is a small-cap crypto project worth paying attention to!


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Hot Coins 🔥 Elastos

ELA (Elastos) - Elastos is the building the first internet operating system that uses the internet as the base-layer infrastructure rather than an application, where Dapps will be able to run on a peer-to-peer network without centralized control. As a result, application programs are unable to access the network, which eliminates most viruses and attacks (especially DDoS attacks) on the internet. The team’s thinking is that network communication should be separated from application computing. Because Elastos is building an entire operating system, the final product will be a decentralized, open source, blockchain-driven platform with a robust economic infrastructure. On Elastos, running decentralized applications and turning digital content into transferable assets will be possible, and ELA tokens will serve as the base currency with a variety of crucial utilities. For instance, projects that are built on Elastos will distribute 20% of their token to the Elastos Foundation, and the remaining 80% will be airdropped to ELA holders for free.  

The Elastos project really began in 2000, when Rong Chen left Microsoft to build the world’s first internet operating system. Since then, the project has received funding from Foxconn and recently formed China’s ‘G3’ alliance alongside NEO(China’s largest crypto project) and Bitmain(largest blockchain mining company in China). With China’s growing commitment to embrace blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, Elastos is clearly a project of massive scale. ELA has remained relatively under the radar until recently, and currently trades on just one exchange (Huboi) at $76.69. This week, It looks like ELA is going to win the Binance Community Coin of the Month vote, which would be a big listing for the project. Regardless, the future looks bright for Elastos!


The opinions expressed on Crypto Bull are in no way financial advice and are only opinions. We are not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of reading our blog.