Hot Altcoin 🔥 ELF

ELF token is the fuel behind aelf, which is a top 100 market cap cryptocurrency project. The aelf team has set out to build an overarching blockchain infrastructure built to scale commercially and will accommodate all of the existing systems utilizing cross-chain tech (enabling resource isolation and interpretability). ELF will be the token used to pay fees in the system around deploying side chains and transferring tokens. The aelf network is being built to operate on scalable nodes on clusters of computers, becoming a decentralized cloud computing network. This innovative approach will create maximum computing efficiency distributed across the entirety of the network.

The goal is lofty and the price action has picked up recently around news that the team will be announcing major partnerships with large industry players at an event that the aelf team is holding in Singapore early this week. If they can deliver on some solid partnerships, and continue to progress on their product, ELF token could be a big deal. Currently, ELF trades at $1.90 USD on Binance and Huobi.


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