3 Altcoins With Real World Use Cases

As more and more Altcoins emerge, it can be hard to determine value when so many do not have even have a working product. This is a big reason that cryptocurrencies are considered a highly speculative investment. We wanted to take the time to highlight some projects that we think are addressing tangible use cases with specific applications and solutions! Here are 3 Altcoins that have real world use cases:

  1. MTL (Metal Pay) - Metal Pay is building a payment app that is a lot like Venmo for cryptocurrencies. Using Metal Pay allows you to transfer money to anyone, any time, and rewards every transaction. Metal’s ‘Pop’ features automatically pays out 5% in MTL every time a payment is sent, and the app will support integrations with big banks such as Chase, BofA and Citi, offering an instantaneous bridge between fiat and crypto. MTL could push crypto towards the mainstream and would certainly be simpler solution to sending payment than the standard wallet address copy-paste method (which can limit non-technical folks). The team has been transparent in uploading Metal Pay demo videos to their youtube, and marketing is picking up around the upcoming app launch. it will be interesting to see how adoption of the app plays out and could be worth keeping an eye on as MTL trades at $3.60 on Binance currently.
  2. PRL (Oyster Pearl) - Oyster Pearl is creating the future of website monetization and distributed storage, built on IOTA Tangle and Ethereum. Oyster enables a user-friendly way to implement both its revenue generation (only have to add a line of code). Website visitors contribute a small portion of their CPU and GPU power to enable users' files to be stored on a decentralized and anonymous ledger - In return, the website owners get paid indirectly by the storage users and website visitors can enjoy an ad-free browsing experience. PRL trades at $0.81 USD on Kucoin and Cryptopia. The PRL team will be performing an airdrop of SHL(Oyster Shell) in the near future, SHL will be used to pay for connectivity and Dapp operation across the Oyster meshnet and SHL will be paid out automatically to all PRL holders at a 1:1 ratio.
  3. ELA (Elastos) - Elastos is the building the first internet operating system that uses the internet as the base-layer infrastructure rather than an application. Elastos will call this the SmartWeb, and Dapps will be able to run on a peer-to-peer network without centralized control.The goal of the team is to build a new type Internet community with honesty and without network attacks. Recently, the team posted a photo of an iphone running on the Elastos operating system to Twitter (see tweet here). There has been a lot of mystery behind ELA as the circulating supply has not yet been reported on coinmarketcap, and many believe this number will be low due to a variety of lock ins by the team and some early investors; which could send the price higher. Regardless, after forming the G3 alliance with NEO and Ontology (ONT), Elastos is a project that is in good company, and could be worth checking out as it trades at $37 on Huobi currently.

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Hot Coins 🔥 VeChain, CryptopiaFeeShares & Obsidian

Week of January 14th, 2018

VEN (VeChain) - The VeChain Foundation has set out to become the top distributed business ecosystem. The project’s CEO Sunny LU, who was most recently the CIO of Louis Vuitton China, has been doing a damn good job of getting that done. They have already formed partnerships with PwC, Kuhne + Nagel (Massive Global Freight Company), and China Unicom (Chinese Telecom operator  w/ 4 largest mobile subscriber base in the world). Just today, VEN partnered with the Chinese Government as well, with the National Tobacco Corporation. At $6.20 USD and a market cap ranking of 30, VEN is a solid pickup.

CEFS (CryptopiaFeeShare) - CEFS is an interesting token that distributes 4.5% of the gross fees collected each month on the Cryptopia exchange to those who hold it. The price is strikingly high at about $7,500 USD right now, but there are only 6,300 tokens in circulation and that is a hard cap. At current trading levels, one coin would yield ~$90 USD a month, which would be about $1,000 USD a year. CEFS is greatly undervalued in comparison to similar exchange tokens on Kucoin (KCS) and Binance (BNB). What makes it even more enticing is that Cryptopia added one million users in december, and that number is set to double in January. As the exchange grows, so grows the dividend, and maybe even the price of CEFS. It trades exclusively on Cryptopia at the moment.

ODN (Obsidian) - Obsidian is a project that is building a private data-exchange platform, centered around private messaging. It is definitely an early stages project as the app is in beta, but it is relatively unknown and sits at a market cap ranking of 363.  The team is growing and if they deliver on some Q1 goals, ODN should see a sharp increase. It trades at $1.30 on HitBTC and Cryptopia.

If a private messaging platform seems a bit generic to you, this comparison should explain why people are getting excited about Obsidian, and what they intend to accomplish:


The opinions expressed on Crypto Bull are in no way financial advice and are only opinions. We are not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of reading our blog.