Hot Altcoin 🔥Dorado Drones (DOR)

The Dorado team has completed their ICO of DOR token, which will be listed on exchanges in the coming weeks. Dorado has built logistics network using drones that can greatly enhance on-demand delivery, and the team is in prime position to disrupt the online food and commerce logistics industry. This is not just a concept, they have already achieved a successful MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in Foodout Group- which has been operating for 3 years, is active in 6 countries, and has over 1 million platform users.

While Foodout Group has focused mainly on last mile food delivery, Dorado will expand that horizon globally to deliver anything that online shoppers should desire. The problem of last-mile delivery is one that the largest service providers such as Amazon and Uber Eats are struggling with at the moment, and Dorado has a big answer. This image from teams website explains how effective their HyperLocal Logistics platform is, which uses blockchain to connect customers to a network of human couriers, drones, and robots(yes, robots) to deliver anything from store/restaurant to front door in just minutes.

The token for Dorado's ecosystem is DOR, and it will be used to gain discounts in the network, and access to a variety of user benefits. A big incentive for these tokens is that DOR holders will receive a disbursement of 7% of the ecosystems net sales, quarterly. Considering Foodout Group already earns $50mn USD a year, this is a compelling case for Dorado’s token. The team's roadmap is solid and can be found on their website ( 200 million DOR tokens were sold in the public ICO. Look for DOR to debut on platforms in the coming weeks, as it is a project to keep an eye on.

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