The Case for Oyster Protocol (PRL)

Oyster Pearl (PRL)  is a coin that has been addressing the massive problem of out of control advertising on the internet. Ads are intrusive, annoying, and can often take up a large amount of bandwidth. Oyster Pearl addresses this by empowering website owners to earn revenue without displaying endless ads, while also providing file storage benefits as well. Visitors to these sites contribute a small portion of GPU and CPU which enables their files to be stored in a decentralized ledger, also rewarding website operators with revenue based on visitors and time spend on their site. The Oyster Protocol operates on top of the IOTA tangle and utilizes Ethereum smart contracts within their ecosystem as well. They have also introduced Oyster Shell (SHL) as a way to utilize new dapps and earn revenue on the Oyster meshnet, setting up nicely for future expansion of product offering.

Despite solid progress on roadmap, having already released their mainnet, the coin has taken a greater hit than most of the market in the recent bear turn down. PRL is currently trading at $0.14 USD on KuCoin, which is 1/30th of it’s January high of $4.38 USD. As Bitcoin shows early signs of a rally, keep an eye on PRL to rebound well if the progress continues.

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